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Purple Mint Kids

Purple Mint Kids activity classes was established in 2007 with the aim to inspire children of all ages to indulge in fun from daily activities and routines. Children today face constant stress from the burden of studies and pressure from peers, parents and society. They maintain busy, hectic schedules that leave no space for fun filled activities.

Our motto is to teach children to have fun. Our programmes offer simple stress free activities compiled in a manner that is exciting and enjoyable at the same time.

All our programmes whether regular or short term are designed by experts who use the EYFS guidelines for pre-schoolers. We also offer customization of programmes to suit your school’s requirements. 

    Regular weekend programmes:
  • Saturday FunDay – storytelling with speech and drama (basic), art, fitness
  • Dance and yoga – zumba, contemporary
  • Grammar buddies
  • Phonics
  • Reading, comprehension and story writing
    Short term programmes:
  • Summer camps
  • Diwali camps
  • Christmas camps
  • The storytelling club
  • The puppet workshop

Connect with us today and offer ‘FUN’ at your school!

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